Bulk handling Technical Solution

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  • Raw material Feeding Device
    It is a device for quantitatively and quantitatively discharging raw materials. It is selected according to the characteristics of raw materials, capacity and installation space.
    (ex. Rotary Feeder, Screw Feeder, Circle Feeder..etc)
  • Pneumatic Conveying Piping
    Selection of piping according to conveying capacity and wear.
    (ex. Long Bend, Line Diverting Valve...etc)
  • Transporter
    Transporter used for high dense phase conveying, Certificated by Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency.
    (ex: Dome valve, Flow control valve, Check valve.. etc)
  • Discharger
    It is used When raw material not discharged due to bridge phenomenon in silos and hoppers.
    (ex. Air fluidizer, Knocker, Vibrator..etc)
  • Air Supplying Unit
    On pneumatic Conveying System that generates the air flow and pressure necessary for the system.
    (ex: Compressor, Blower, Fan..etc) 
  • Control System
    All processes are automatically operated by sequence, it can be operated more easily.
    (ex : PLC, DCS, HMI..etc)